Project Name: Ranch Club Residence
Location: Missoula, MT
Sq. Ft.: 5,530
Year Designed: 2016

Site: A pristine lot situated in a premier Ranch Club golfing community within Missoula, MT.

Design: This home fully compliments the refined feel of the Ranch Club neighborhood. The gable forms fuses with contemporary style giving this residence a strong yet elegant presence; resulting in a home that delivers a dynamic ambiance to enjoy the rich Montana landscape.

The interior amenities include high ceilings, stunning built-in book cases and a cozy living space with a fireplace. The interior is further complimented by the extensive covered porches surrounding the home as well as a secluded jacuzzi on the porch.

The nested roofline to the East allows for the utilization of space by elongating the layout, while providing a stylish and catching exterior to the eye. Extensive windows along the North aspect of the home provide privacy and allow the family to fully embrace the extent of the Missoula Valley.