Project Name: Upland Trail Residence
Location: Missoula, MT
Sq. Ft.: 4,684
Year Designed: 2015
General Contractor: BRUNNER HOMES

Site: A 10-acre lot nestled within the Blue Mountain Range.

Project: The owners wanted to optimize views of the Mission Mountain Range, as well as the Rattlesnake Valley to the Northeast and the majestic Bitterroot River flowing below.

Design: This residence hovers in the majestic pines, taking advantage of the breathtaking views of the Mission Mountains. The large windows along the Northeast side merge the interior with the outdoors creating a feel of being one with the surrounding landscape.

The modest appearance of this home from the front was created by shouldering the design into the hillslope; this approach created the subtle feel the owners were desiring by masking the houses’ grandeur while providing ample space and comfort.