Project Name: Wilma Condo
Location: Missoula, MT
Sq. Ft.: 400
Year Built: 2011

Site: This condo is located in Missoula’s prestigious and historic Wilma Theatre Building. Built in 1921, the Wilma is a prominent feature of Missoula’s downtown, towering eight stories above Higgins Avenue as well as overlooking the Clark Fork River and surrounding Missoula valleys.

Project: The owners wanted their historic condo to have a more contemporary feel without losing the historic character and sense that this building is known for, as well as utilizing every aspect of this small space.

Design: The objective of this condo remodel was to create a functional one-person living space that felt open and spacious despite the small area. The space was therefore reorganized to maximize views and allow for modern conveniences, including all new appliances, concrete countertops and rich lighting to compliment the region’s natural beauty. This loft remodel was also designed with comfort in mind while using the latest techniques and “green” building materials; the flooring throughout is sustainably harvested bamboo with radiant tile flooring in the bathroom.