Project Name: 3rd St Residence
Location: Missoula, MT
Sq. Ft.: (1,493) / GARAGE (2,185)
Year Designed: 2014

Site: Located in the heart of Missoula’s University District, this home was originally 1,200 sqft with a dilapidated single story garage.

Project: After living in their historic home for over a decade, the homeowners and lifelong natives to the Missoula Community, were interested in a serious update. NC Design Studio was approached to help re-imagine a home that better aligned with their lifestyle, as well as providing them with the additional income of a rental unit.

Design: A craftsman style house fit best into the charm, character, and vernacular of the surrounding neighborhood. The addition of large porches and exposed wood beams and rafters elevated the curb appeal of the home, and help create an elegant residence. The kitchen area was greatly expanded to create a breakfast nook and better flow. The master bedroom and private exterior porch were added to the second floor to round out the feel of a cozy craftsman home.

The existing garage was completely rebuilt to increase functionality and to provide fully separate living quarters above. This added living space is highly desirable, and the perfect size for a young couple or working professional wanting to live close to the University and downtown Missoula.